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Hi, I am Arati Nair
A parenting coach and counselor


My message

I'm on a mission to help parents and children to develop a stronger connection by becoming conscious responsive parents. Lets take this beautiful journey , Together!

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One-on-One Session

Lets eliminate the chaos and lay a strong foundation for our beautiful angels, by learning the art of being a consciously responsive parent.

From managing tantrums to time management to how excited are you as a parent everyday when you wake up. I help you to manage the challenges and truely start enjoying the beautiful journey of parenthood by Conscious Responsive Connections.

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Let's connect!

The first step is to meet for a coffee or online video and have a chat. No strings attached. This is for us to see if we connect and resonate with each other. This is what I call a free discovery call.

Personalized coaching

Then if you are ready for me to help you through the beautiful parenthood journey, we start our one on one coaching sessions.

  • Each session is a 45 min session.
  • 4 sessions per month.
    • I have learnt seeing things through my baby point of view. I don't beat or shout at him anymore. 
      Dr. Nishita Soni
      Mother of 2 yr 10months old
    • The activities does make you take time out and give quality time to your little one, and it is not just beneficial for your toddler but also for parents. So, me and my toddler both benefited from this program!
      Mother of 3yr old
    • I was finding it difficult to handle my Son's tantrums and overall understand a toddlers point of view. This is when I got introduced to Arati and her NYC program. This program really helped me understand in getting a better clarity and ideas on how to bond with my son. A lot of ideas even though looked simple but had a lot of depth and meaning to it. It really was an eye opener to what are the small simple things that we miss out on doing with our child in our daily busy routines. Recommend to all mothers who want to develop a better bond with their toddler

      Mother of a 3.9yr old

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