My Story

I come from a background of genetic and medical psychology. After I settled down in the exotic city of Cochin, I took a short sabbatical. It is when I was hurled with the challenge of having a sudden premature baby, after an ideal and normal pregnancy, I started my journey of discovery as a parent. That is when i realised, however challenging, i loved the ever changing dynamics of family and children. As a psychologist, I had a good understanding of the importance of parenting, but it was not until I had my own baby girl, that I began to fully understand how challenging parenthood could actually be.

Yes, counselling is a career path, but for me, it is also an inner calling. I truly believe that every situation can be salvaged, it's never too late to make a change, right away. All you need is the willingness to evolve and learn how to consciously be responsive to manage the relationship effectively.

My vision is to help you consciously parent your child, that makes your connection as a parent and child beautiful and stronger. Connected in a way that is empowering and enriching to both your lives. The first few years of parenting are crucial, to cultivate these connections. The earlier you foster this relationship, upto the age of 5, the better it is in the long run.

While we read a lot of literature on parenting, some of us take classes, but yet we find it so hard to deal with the day to day challenges and are always in a doubt if we are doing it right. How often do we look at if we are truly connected to our children? Rarely. Because you're so busy being perfect, you forget being human. Parenting is not a 'one size' fits all. Every family needs to find systems and strategies that work the best for them. There are ways in which you do it, and those ways, I would love to throw light upon, through my experience.

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